TV series, 1980

Youth series based on the popular Trompie book series by Topsy Smith, about the adventures of Trompie Toerien and his friends Blikkie, Dawie and Rooie. Together they’re known as the “Boksombende”, and their mischief and grand schemes often land them in trouble. They live in Kwaggaberg, a fictional town based on Heidelberg in what is now Gauteng, and the TV-series was shot in Heidelberg and Johannesburg. Shortly before Trompie aired, director Jan Engelen warned that the series was not an exact version of the books, originally published in the 1950s, but had been adapted and updated to suit its 1980-audience.

Trompie en die Boksombende
Trompie en die Boksombende
Trompie en die Boksombende
Trompie and Rooie
Trompie the detective
Trompie runs away
Trompie in trouble
Trompie's worried family
Rina Nienaber as Anna Toerien
Trompie salutes
Trompie returns home
Trompie returns home

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

29 April 1980






Children and youth; Action and adventure; Based on book

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:



Jan Engelen


Jan Engelen

Based on:

Series of novels by Topsy Smith

Cast and Crew: 

Main actorCharacter
Riaan WinterTrompie Toerien
Ivan IvanovichRooie
Sean du PreezBlikkies
Petrus JoosteDawie
Danie SmutsMr Toerien
Corrie HuyserMrs Toerien
Rina NinaberAnna Toerien

Guest actorEpisode
George BallotDirk in "Bobbejaanstreke"
Fanie SmitDominee in "Bobbejaanstreke
Louis MoerdykGerrit Moerdyk in "Trompie die Tier"
Org Smalclown in "Lympi se Groot Sirkus"
Klaas de Boerteacher in "Goeie Dade"
Johan van der Merweconstable in "Die Fietsdiewe"
P.W. Maraismajor in "Die Fietsdiewe"
Jan Hornthief in "Die Fietsdiewe"
Kotie Jonkerthief in "Die Fietsdiewe"
Willie Steynsergeant in "Die Fietsdiewe"
Leon van Nieropconstable in "Die Fietsdiewe"

Jan EngelenDirector; Script adaptation
Eon de VosAssistant director
Elize StrydomProduction secretary
Anton GoosenTheme song
Mike DemaineVideo camera
Charles ShephardVideo camera
Mark KleinVideo camera
Abrie VorsterVideo camera
André PeensAssistant camera
Gordon HilesFilm camera

Theme song: 

Music and Lyrics: 

Trompie en die Boksombende
Dis Blikkies, Dawie, Rooie en Boesman die brak.
Trompie en die Boksombende
Met ingeduikte skoene en ‘n kettie in die sak.

Kwaggaberg se hoofstraat ken die Boksombende
vir allerhande kattekwaad is hul al ‘n legende.
Blikkies kou sy grassie, klein Dawie is die slimkop
en Rooie wil sy groottoon roer, maar sy ander tone roer ook.

Trompie en die Boksombende
Dis Blikkies, Dawie, Rooie en Boesman die brak.
Trompie en die Boksombende
Met ingeduikte skoene en ‘n kettie in die sak.


Episode 1: "Bobbejaanstreke"
Original air date: 29 April 1980

When Dominee brings home a baboo, Trompie and his friends decide to get a bit closer acquainted. They steal the baboon from the reverend’s yard, but the baboon, with a pack of hounds on his tail, gets loose and runs into church. Meanwhile, Trompie’s sister Anna gets quite a bit of attention from a fop with a shiny car. Trompie doesn’t like the fellow, Dirk, and comes up with a plan. 

Episode 2: "Boesman"
Original air date: 6 May 1980

Sefanja, a friend of the Toeriens’ gardener Jafta, has a dog called Boesman. Trompie and his friends try their best to convince Sefanja to give the dog to them – from bribing him with tobacco to scaring him with the Tokkelosh. Eventually Sefanja decides to let Boesman decide for himself.

Episode 3: "Trompie die Tier"
Original air date: 13 May 1980

Trompie brags that he could get any role he wanted in the school concert. When his friends won’t believe him, he decides to prove it. He bribes Gerrit Moerdyk to lend him his tiger costume for the opening night. The plan is to make a quick appearance on stage as the tiger, but then to hand the costume back to Gerrit for the tiger’s dialogue scenes. Of course everything doesn’t go as plan and Trompie has to do some quick thinking on stage.

Episode 4: "Lympi se Groot Sirkus"
Original air date: 20 May 1980

The circus comes to Kwaggaberg. Even though they’re flat broke, the Boksombende are determined to go – after all, it’s not every day that strongman Dirk Staal visits their town. When their plans to make enough money for the entrance ticket fail, they manage to slip into the circus tent, where they very nearly ruin Dirk Staal’s act.

Episode 5: "Trompie se Groot Sirkus"
Original air date: 27 May 1980

Trompie’s parents are away, and the Boksombende decide to hold their own circus in the Toeriens’ lounge. They invite the town kids to come watch Karel de Beer’s dog jump through a hoop and other fantastic acts. Blikkies plans to swing from the chandelier – but when the whole thing comes crashing down, chaos ensues.


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